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Hi, my name is Eric.

I am a designer and creative director with 15 years of experience creating elegant user interfaces for mobile, web, and desktop software. I have partnered with organizations big and small and contributed to the creation of digital experiences used by millions of delighted people across the globe.

What I Do
Interaction Design
I provide solutions to complex design challenges by approaching design from a user-centered perspective, balancing users' needs with business goals and technological capabilities.
Interface Design
I enhance interfaces by engaging users through the strategic implementation of aesthetic elements in a way that does not take away from content or function.
Graphic Design
I create striking icons, pictograms, and custom graphics that breathe life into interfaces, improving the navigation, functionality, and overall usability of applications of all sorts.

The Things I Create
Web Applications
I have created web application experiences used by millions of delighted people, including QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Yahoo! Help.
Mobile Applications
I have designed dozens of elegant, stylish, extremely successful mobile applications for iOS, Android, and Windows.
Desktop Software
I have designed desktop software applications used by tens of thousands for both Windows and MacOS.
I have created exciting and compelling online experiences by expertly bridging the gap between form and function.
Icons & Pictograms
The custom iconography and pictograms I have designed have breathed life into countless sites and applications.
Branding & Identity
The identity systems I have created have inspired confidence and allowed my partners to put their best face forward.

Who I Work With

Where to Find Me
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